‘The Man With The Iron Fists’ trailer surfaces online – watch

First promo for the RZA written/directed film is released

The first trailer for Wu Tang Clan‘s RZA’s directorial debut film The Man With The Iron Firsts has surfaced online.

The kung fu film, which has also been written by the rapper alongside Eli Roth, stars Russell Crowe and Lucy Liu. You can watch the trailer by scrolling down the page and clicking on the video.

RZA has also cast himself in the movie and has, in previous interviews, described his character as “a weapons-making village blacksmith in feudal China”.

His character provides the voice over in the trailer and he can be heard describing the perfect conditions in which to create a weapon: “When you forge a weapon, you need three things: The right metal, temperatures over 14-hundred degrees… and someone who wants to kill.”

Although the trailer gives little in the way of the film’s plot, it is packed with blood-splattered action that will certainly excite fans of Quentin Tarantino’s work. Tarantino’s name appears on the promo, as the film is “presented by him”.

No release date has been set but The Man With The Iron Fists is expected to come out in cinemas this autumn.