Theresa May says she has read all the ‘Harry Potter’ books

Potter fans are now comparing her to Dolores Umbridge.

Theresa May has revealed that she has read all of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter novels.

The Prime Minister and Conservative Party leader told journalists at a press conference: “I’ve read them all. They are all very good.”

Asked by The Daily Telegraph which character from the books she most resembles, May declined to answer, saying: “No you can’t ask me that.”

‘I don’t think I’m similar to any of the characters in Harry Potter, but they are a great read for adults as well as for children,” she added.

However, some Potter fans on Twitter disagreed with the Prime Minister’s answer and suggested that she most resembles Dolores Umbridge, a sadistic witch sent to inspect Hogwarts who became incredibly unpopular with progressive-minded pupils.

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