Wes Craven responds to ‘Scream’ TV series rumours

Director confirms he's been 'approached' to direct the pilot and says 'it could be fun'

Director Wes Craven has responded to rumours linking him to the Scream TV series.

MTV has been hatching plans to adapt the horror franchise for the small screen since last summer and the network has now commissioned a 60-minute pilot episode. Craven, who helmed all four Scream movies, is “in negotiations” to direct it, reports have claimed.

Addressing these reports on Twitter, Craven posted:

Continuing in his next tweet, the director added: “If they have a great script/concept, it could be fun. If not, not.”

If the pilot is up to scratch and a full series is ordered, the Scream TV show would launch over summer 2014. The most recent movie, Scream 4, came out in 2011 and failed to match the success of its predecessors at the box office.

The Scream franchise was created by Kevin Williamson, who also penned the screenplays for three of the four films. It is unknown what role, if any, Williamson will play on the TV series.