First ‘The Dark Tower’ footage appears through Elba-McConaughey Twitter beef

The first trailer for the Stephen King movie adaptation drops today.

The first footage for ‘The Dark Tower’ has been released through unconventional means: a Twitter beef involving starring actors Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey.

The movie is an adaptation of Stephen King’s ongoing ‘The Dark Tower’ series of books and is due to appear on silver screen in the summer after some production delays. 

McConaughey has been drafted to play the role of ‘The Man In Black’, also known as Walter Padick, whereas Elba has been attached to Roland Deschain aka ‘The Gunslinger’.

Bar some promotional posters, there’s been very little released about ‘The Dark Tower’ movie until a staged beef between on-screen adversaries Elba and McConaughey erupted last night. The in-character thread began with McConaughey tweeting “You want the Tower” to Elba.

This was followed by both McConaughey and Elba releasing two 15 second clips. Watch the footage below.

Both the clips announce the first full trailer for the show will release tomorrow (May 3).

The movie is being managed by director Nikolaj Arcel with an initial release date of February 2017. Late last year, however, post-production was the cause of delay due to some incomplete visual effects. Though principal photography wrapped in July 2016, the film won’t premiere until this summer. The movie will be followed up by a TV series set with the same continuity which is due 2018.

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Recently, Idris Elba attacked government cuts to young people’s housing benefits at a Skepta charity concert which raised £30,000 for ‘Shelter’. The Luther star made an impassioned speech, stating: ““We have one of the strongest currencies in the world, why do we have 60,000 women and single mothers homeless? That’s bullshit.”