Snapchat introduces Frank Ocean filters as fans wait for new album

His feverishly-anticipated second album is due to drop today (August 5)


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Snapchat has introduced a pair of Frank Ocean filters as fans continue to wait for his new album.

The musician's second album, 'Boys Don't Cry', is expected to drop at some point today (August 5). One of the filters features the words "Dear Frank Ocean..." in the same font he uses on his Tumblr, while the other says "Waiting for Frank Ocean's album like..." next to a picture of a skeleton. Check out both filters courtesy of an expectant fan below.

Ocean has been trailing the album's release, cryptically, with a mysterious live stream video that appeared on his website on Monday (August 1).

In it, you could see Ocean doing DIY. He then disappeared from the stream for a few days, but returned last night (August 4), just hours before the follow-up to his critically-acclaimed debut 'Channel Orange' was supposed to drop.

Last night fans watched him putting together wooden boxes, which could be stairs. It was rumoured earlier this week that he is building a spiral staircase in the video. He was seen last night wearing a David Bowie T-shirt while music infrequently played over the top of the stream. At one point, an acoustic guitar was the soundtrack, while later the stream played warped electronic sounds.

Watch at Frank Ocean's website or here. You currently have to use mobile or the Safari web browser to watch the video.

Ocean's new album is thought to have been recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London. In March, Ocean's producer Malay said that the album was "maybe a month away".

Ocean’s friend Chance The Rapper has said that he is "making a masterpiece", while James Blake has worked on the album and has called it "better" than 'Channel Orange'.

In February this year new Frank Ocean music was leaked online, supposedly after a secret listening party. The untitled snippets were later removed due to copyright claims.

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