Good Charlotte at Sonisphere: 'We want to fight chicks oiled in Jell-O!' – video

Band chat about their fantasies to NME

Good Charlotte's DJ/guitarist/vocalist Benji Madden has outlined a particular fantasy of his – to fight a girl band while covered in edible lubricant.

Madden, chatting backstage at the Sonisphere in a video interview with NME which you can watch on the right, joked that he'd love to go toe-to-toe in a child-sized swimming pool with a gang of girls.

"I'd fight a chick band, and I'd do it all in Jell-O," he said when asked which band he'd like to fight with. "Oiled up, Jell-O. I'd take them on, but it's got to be in a kiddie pool full of Jell-O."

Watch the video interview with the band in full by clicking on the right.

Rammstein and Iron Maiden were among the bands who played Sonisphere, which took place at Knebworth on July 31 and August 1.

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