Green Day: 'Saying rock is dead is like saying water is dead' Get Tickets

Frontman Billie Joe Armstrong said statements writing off the genre were "absurd"


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Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong has said comments about rock being dead are "absurd".

The Californian punk trio made their return earlier this week (August 11) with new single 'Bang Bang' and confirmed the release of their new album 'Revolution Radio'.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Armstrong said statements like "rock is dead" are "such a broad-stroke, absurd thing to say about any genre of music."

He continued: "It's like saying, "Air is dead" or "Water is dead." It makes no sense to me why people say things like that."

Armstrong also explained how their new album reflects the current political climate and specifically the "fear" and "anger" surrounding Donald Trump's candidacy.

"This is the most chaos I've ever seen in an election. It's just so freaky. I don't want to add more of the outrage or anger. I'd just try to reflect it. This is the first time that this election has preyed on fear and anger. And I think with both of those, we're sort of in this fight-or-flight mode. Everybody's freaked out.

"Neither side, nobody can rationalise with each other because everybody is stuck in fear and in anger, and there's nothing in between. In a nutshell, that is what the record reflects. But I'm trying to also look at myself as part of the problem."

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