Grizzly Bear break news of England's World Cup capitulation to Glastonbury

Brooklyn band play as England bomb out

Richard Johnson/NME
Pic: Richard Johnson/NME
Grizzly Bear had the unenviable job of going up against the England Vs Germany World Cup match this afternoon (June 27) at Glastonbury.

The Brooklyn-based outfit took to the Other Stage at 4pm, an hour after kick off in Bloemfontein when the score was still 2-1 to Germany.

"Hello everybody," said singer and guitarist Daniel Rossen as the band took to the stage. "Thank you for coming, I know there's a big game right now."

Eighty minutes into the match bass player Chris Taylor held up a radio to his microphone, so the audience could hear the commentator announce, "As night falls, England's World Cup dreams die," with the sfinal core 4-1 to Germany.

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