Guns N' Roses leaker charge downgraded?

FBI recommends misdemeanour charge for Kevin Cogill

Guns"n'Roses Download Festival 2006
The man accused of leaking several Guns N' Roses tracks online has had his charges reduced, according to US reports.

Kevin Cogill, 27, is accused of violating federal copyright laws by uploading nine tracks from the veteran rockers' highly-anticipated forthcoming album 'Chinese Democracy' on his website this summer.

Under the original charge, the leaker looked set to face five years in prison if convicted.

However, the FBI investigators are now believed to have recommended downgrading the charge from a felony to a misdemeanour, reports Yahoo Music.

If that is the case, Cogill is likely to face a maximum of one year in prison if convicted.

'Chinese Democracy' is due to be released on November 24.

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