[b]'The Evidence'[/b] will contain liner notes written by the rapper himself, and one brand new track...

Ice-T is set to release a GREATEST HITS album later in the year.

According to reports, the rapper will release 'Greatest Hits: The Evidence' in the US on August 8. The album will span the rapper's 15-year career and also feature one brand new song, 'Money, Power, Women', which he recorded earlier in the year.

Also on the album will be two Ice-T tracks that have only ever featured on soundtracks, 'Colors' and 'New Jack Hustler'. Other tracks slated to appear on the record include '6 'N The Mornin'' and 'Original Gangster'.

Ice-T will also write the liner notes to the album sleeve.

According to US website, in addition to the full release, the album will also be come out as a limited-edition vinyl with original artwork.

The rapper plans to relaunch his website,, around the same time, and make audio streams of all the tracks on the compilation available via the site.

A UK release date for the album could not be confirmed by his former label, WEA.

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