Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson vows to start his own airline after collapse of Astraeus

Singer reveals his plan to break into the airline business

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Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson has vowed to rescue the employees of Astraeus, the airline who formerly employed him as a pilot, after the Icelandic company went into administration on Monday (November 21).

Astraeus Airlines said on Monday that they have been forced to stop all flights with immediate effect and suspend running of the company. They have blamed their downturn in fortunes on "lower than expected" business during the summer.

Dickinson, who acted as the pilot on the airline's final flight, said he was in the midst of working on a plan to "save Astraeus, or at least create a new business with new jobs for my friends and former colleagues at Astraeus".

He told Blabbermouth:
I'm amused that the less well informed seem to be portraying me as having to resort to busking on the streets following the closure of Astraeus. The more astute members of my circle are aware there's rather more going on in my world. I'm already working on a plan to try to save Astraeus, or at least create a new business with new jobs for my friends and former colleagues at Astraeus. This is a serious plan involving people who are very good at their jobs.

The singer also said he was hoping to start a new aerospace company, which could lead to the creation of over 1500 jobs and another firm to assist with the training of commercial airline pilots.

Dickinson added that he was sure he would soon be working as a pilot again and he hoped as the controller of his own company too. He added: "I will be back at the controls of a commercial airliner before I am very much older — but I may also be at the controls of the company that operates that airliner, and others like it".

Iron Maiden have just completed an extensive world tour in support of their 15th studio album 'The Final Frontier'.
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