Jay-Z to sign 50 Cent and Janet Jackson to new label?

Aparrently the rapper wants to sign the stars to his new project

Jay Z at Hove Festival, Arendal, Norway, June 23. With a entourage of 36 people joining him at the bash, the Brooklyn-based rapper was joined onstage by a ten-piece band, including a full brass section and two percussionists all dressed smartly in white shirts and black waistcoats. Pic: Tim Cochrane
Jay-Z is reportedly planning to start his own super-star record label, and plans to sign Janet Jackson and 50 Cent up to it.

The rapper is reportedly also in talks with musicians, including his wife Beyonce Knowles and Jermaine Dupri, according to Mediatakeout.com

The site claims that a "record label insider" said: "Jay-Z approached 50 Cent earlier this year and now he's talking to Janet [Jackson] and Jermaine Dupri.

"It seems like a difficult task to get so many big artists under one roof, but I wouldn't put anything past Jay-Z."

Janet Jackson recently split with her record label Island/Def Jam. 50 Cent's contract with Interscope expires in December.

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