Jay-Z says hello to 'Brother President' Barack Obama

Rapper joins Bruce Springsteen in backing Democratic candidate

Jay Z at Hove Festival, Arendal, Norway, June 23. With a entourage of 36 people joining him at the bash, the Brooklyn-based rapper was joined onstage by a ten-piece band, including a full brass section and two percussionists all dressed smartly in white shirts and black waistcoats. Pic: Tim Cochrane
Jay-Z has sent a last-minute message of support to US presidential hopeful Barack Obama.

The rapper spoke at an event in Virginia on Saturday (November 1) aimed at encouraging people to vote in the "swing state".

Jay-Z, who has publicly endorsed Obama before, invoked a series of black civil rights activists in encouraging people to back the Democratic challenger.

"Rosa Parks sat so that Martin Luther King could walk. Martin Luther King walked so that Obama could run. Obama's running so that we all can fly," he declared. "I can't wait until November 5 and I'm going to say 'Hello, Brother President'."

Jay-Z added: "I cant tell you who to vote for. All I can do is tell you to vote on November 4, the most important election that will happen probably in your lifetime.

"I'm not running as president, so I don't want to feel restrained. I don't want Barack or his campaign to be tied to anything I do here tonight. I'm just a private citizen doing my thing. Free speech and all that."

Jay-Z follows Bruce Springsteen in declaring support for Barack Obama.

Obama's Republican rival John McCain
has support from rapper Daddy Yankee and Aerosmith's Joe Perry.

The US presidential election takes place tomorrow, November 4.

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