Jeremy Corbyn: ‘Theresa May underestimated you’

"She underestimated the Labour Party and she underestimated you"

Jeremy Corbyn has accused Theresa May of ‘underestimating’ voters after she failed to secure a parliamentary majority in the general election.

The Conservative leader now faces the prospect of forming a coalition government if she is to remain in power – and Corbyn has been among those who have already called for her resignation.

He has now said that she took the electorate ‘for granted’  in an impassioned message posted on Twitter.

“Theresa May called this election in her party’s interest, not in the interest of our country”, he said.

“She thought that with the backing of the billionaires and the corporate elite, she could take your vote for granted. But she underestimated the Labour Party and more importantly she underestimated you.

“Now the Prime Minister has no authority and the Conservatives have no mandate to privatise and cut our NHS and cut school funding”.

During the video, he also thanked voters for supporting Labour – after surprise Labour gains made it impossible for Theresa May to secure a majority.

He said: “I would like to thank every single person who voted for the Labour Party yesterday. The first time voter, the life long voter, the life long Conservative voter, the young person, everyone who voted for Labour.”

Theresa May is expected to head to Buckingham Palace at 12.30pm today, where she will seek permission from The Queen to form a new government.