Man accused of plotting to kill Joss Stone described by own lawyer as 'deluded inadequate'

Junior Bradshaw and Kevin Liverpool are accused of plotting to murder the soul singer

Photo: PA
The plot to behead Joss Stone has been described as "pure fantasy" by lawyers representing the two men accused of the crime.

As reported previously, Junior Bradshaw and Kevin Liverpool are accused of plotting to murder the soul singer and steal money from her Devon home. The Mirror reports that when summing up the trial in court yesterday, the lawyer representing Kevin Liverpool asked the jury: "It was a frightening fantasy but are you sure he intended real harm?" He added: "The sad truth is he is not dangerous, just a deluded inadequate."

Meanwhile, Simon Morgan, acting for the prosecution, said: "Stupidity is not a defence. However poor a plan, it is a plan."

Liverpool and Bradshaw are charged with plotting to rob and kill Stone, who they called a "she-Devil", before dumping her decapitated body in a river. The pair were arrested in June 2011 a few miles from Stone's home near Ashill, mid-Devon, with an arsenal of weapons including a samurai sword, knives, a hammer, black bags and gloves – in the boot of their car. It is alleged they were part of a gang - the other members of which have not been traced.

Earlier in the trial it was revealed that Beyoncé, Cheryl Cole and Craig David were among the names mentioned in rambling entries in a 2007 edition diary found in the home of the two men accused of plotting to murder Stone.

Bradshaw, 32, and Liverpool, 35, both from Manchester, deny charges of conspiracy to murder, conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm and conspiracy to commit robbery. The jury is expected to retire today (April 3).

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