Kanye West: 'I want the leaders of the world to attend my funeral when I die' - video

Watch rapper talk about his grave demands in new backstage footage

Pic: PA
Kanye West has declared that he wants the leaders of the world to attend his funeral in a new video which has surfaced online.

The rapper made the bizarre comments during backstage footage from his recent 'Watch The Throne' tour with Jay-Z. Scroll down and click below to watch the video.

He said:
The people I want to be there [at my funeral] are like world leaders. Ones that say, 'Kanye gave me my first shot, he told me to believe in myself'.

The rapper added: "I want to affect people like that if I pass away. It's a mission in this amount of time. When the lightbulb was invented it wasn't to stop a war.

"I'm not saying what I'm doing is the most important thing that's happening on the planet. But it's necessary. Just like one teacher teaching in a class."

West was recently nominated for seven Grammy Awards next year, alongside Adele who also got six nods.

He also denied a legal claim that alleges he stole the lyrics to his song 'Stronger' from another songwriter, by claiming it was actually influenced by Friedrich Nietzsche.

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