Kanye West poses as player at NBA Finals press conference - watch

The rapper hosted his own impromptu press conference at the match

Kanye West pretended to be a player at the fourth match of the NBA Finals, which featured Golden State Warriors playing Cleveland Cavaliers.

The rapper hosted his own brief and impromptu press conference at the basketball game, joking with reporters and answering questions as if he was a player.

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"We got to go hard," he said, before responding to a question about signing with a free agency. "I'm signing half a season contracts," West replied before smiling and leaving the table. You can watch videos of the moment below, via Bleacher Report.

Meanwhile, West recently gave a real interview to US hip-hop radio station Hot 97, saying he's "completely boring".

Speaking about his plans in life and for his next album, 'SWISH', West said: "I really want to go away. I've been doing a lot of features and everything. Right now, I just want to take some time to really focus on my album, focus on this next collection, and focus on North's birthday. Just focus on my family and then be able to recharge, energize, and then bring something of value. I'm completely boring actually. All I do is go to the studio every day. I'm riding through the 'burbs with no woes. I'm not going nowhere with no woes. I'm not at the club... I'm never gonna be nowhere".

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