Kate Nash slams Spice Girls reunion Get Tickets

'It's just about the money,' says 'Foundations' singer

Kate Nash Camden Crawl 2007
Kate Nash has slammed The Spice Girls for reuniting, declaring “it's just about the money”.

The singer who releases her debut album 'Made Of Bricks' today (August 6), said she is unimpressed by the resurgent Girl Power outfit.

“I'm not excited about it at all,” she told the Mirror. “Why do they have to do it? Do they need to do it? It’s obviously just about money. I think it will be embarrassing. They’re all older now so to kind of still wanna be The Spice Girls is just, I dunno... Just grow up!”

Nash went on to also stick the knife into 'X-Factor' contestants.

“No one who goes on that show wants to be a musician – no one is an actual artist. People go on because they want to be famous,” she said. “They're not thinking, ‘I want to go into the studio and record my own songs that I’ve written.’”

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