Welsh theatre to stage musical about fictional assassination of Katie Hopkins

'The Assassination of Katie Hopkins' will run from next April

A theatre in Wales will stage a musical next year based on the fictional death of Katie Hopkins.

The Assassination of Katie Hopkins will run at Theatr Clwyd in north Wales from April 2018. It was written by Chris Bush, composed by Matt Winkworth and directed by James Grieve.

Writer Bush told The Guardian that the play would use Hopkins’ fictionalised assassination to explore issues of “truth, celebrity and public outrage”, explaining: “She is someone who generates very, very strong opinions, positively or negatively, and what interests me as a writer is challenging assumptions.”

“I disagree with the vast majority of what Katie Hopkins has to say… politically I couldn’t be much further from where she is on a spectrum,” Bush added. “Whether she is useful or has any right to say what she says is a much more complicated question.”

Hopkins won’t be portrayed as a character in the play but instead her imagined death will be used a catalyst for the narrative. The plot was also in part inspired by the parties that took place following the death of Margaret Thatcher.

Of Hopkins’ own response to the play, Bush said: “We have been going back and forth on whether we mind if she hates it. But is it worse if she loves it?”

Controversial columnist, media personality and former Apprentice star Hopkins was recently sacked by LBC. Hopkins had her radio show on the station cancelled in May after she was reported to the police for calling for a “final solution” towards Islam, in the wake of the Manchester terror attack.