Ladytron reveal 'Best Of' plans

Liverpool band to release the collection to mark their 10 year anniversary

Ladytron have revealed they are working on a 'Best Of' as their next release.

Having recently been working with Christina Aguilera on her new album, the Liverpool group will release the collection to mark their 10 year anniversary as a band.

"We've got some ideas about what we want to do about the next album, but I think first we're going to release a 'Best of Ladytron'" multi-instrumentalist Reuben Wu told Spinner.co.uk "Since we've done four albums, I think it would be time to put something like that together." He added.

Also revealing an expected release date of spring 2010, Wu announced that the compilation will include artwork the group has made part of their live shows.

"We were able to put a lot of visual stuff we amassed over the years, which would be very interesting to [old] fans, and new fans," Wu explained. "Since we've been working with Christina [Aguilera], I think a lot of new audiences out there will want to know about us."

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