Motorhead's Lemmy faces prosecution over Nazi cap

Rocker's hat breaks German law

Motorhead, SXSW Music Festival 2008, March 13, 2008. Pic: Tom Oxley
Motorhead's frontman Lemmy could be facing prosecution in Germany, after he broke the law by wearing a Nazi cap in a photoshoot.

The singer and bassist was sporting the cap while he was photographed at the Wacken Rocks Seaside festival in Aurich on July 5, The Guardian reports.

However, "anti-consitutional symbols" and "anti-constitutional propaganda", including Nazi paraphernalia, are illegal in Germany, leading some to report that Lemmy may be prosecuted.

The Motorhead frontman, who has a large collection of Nazi memorabilia, has repeatedly stated that he has no Nazi sympathies or affiliations, declaring that his interest lies purely in the uniforms and style of the regimes.

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