Lightspeed Champion releases free bootleg album online

'House-Sitting Songs' is the first of at least 50 he plans to release

Lightspeed Champion's Dev Hynes has confessed to playing "some of the worst shows ever". Hynes apologised to fans at his Milton Keynes gig earlier this month for forgetting lyrics and being out of tune. He added in his blog this week that he fears he may have lost his "thirst". Encouraging fans have posted numerous messages of support. Pic: Sam Jones
Lightspeed Champion has released the first of many free bootlegs he plans to release online.

Called 'House-Sitting Songs', the album was recorded earlier this year whilst the songwriter was house-sitting for a friend in Manhattan.

"I decided that in every gap in the week that I found myself sitting down, or watching TV or waiting for tea to brew or logging on to Facebook, I would write and record a song instead," Dev Hynes wrote on his blog - LightspeedChampion.com. He added: "[I'd do it] without any real thought, by making words up essentially as I went along"

Available to download at LightspeedChampion.com, the 11-track album also features a song with The Like's Charlotte Froom.

Meanwhile, Hynes is set to release his second studio album 'Life Is Sweet! Nice To Meet You' on February 1, with lead single 'Marlene' due out on January 25.

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