Lily Allen 'asked to join Gordon Brown and David Cameron's general election campaigns'

Singer claims she was invited to Labour and the Conservatives' party conferences

Dean Chalkley
Pic: Dean Chalkley
Lily Allen has claimed she was recently courted by the Conservatives and the Labour Party.

With the May 6 general election less than two weeks away, the singer told the Sunday Times she was invited to both parties' recent conferences - but turned them down.

She discussed how the invite from the Tories was particularly odd given that their leader David Cameron recently claimed her music was "unsuitable" for his six-year-old daughter.

"Never mind. I don't think they'd have been denouncing me if I'd turned up at the Conservative Party conference," Allen said.

"I got an invite to the Labour one [conference] as well," she added.

Allen also claimed some of Cameron's other apparent musical favourites may have been ill-judged.

"I thought that his favourite album that he likes listening to with his kids is the Arctic Monkeys (2006's debut 'Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not', which if I'm not mistaken is all about one-night stands and prostitution," she said.

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