Madonna slams Donald Trump’s sons for killing a leopard

Singer says slaying is ‘one more reason to vote Hillary’


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Madonna has attacked Donald Trump’s sons for posing for a photo with a wild leopard they killed on a hunting trip.

Donald Jr and Eric Trump went on the hunting trip in 2011 in Zimbabwe. The same trip saw the brothers pose with photos of dead elephants, civets, waterbuck and antelope.

One photo saw the Trumps pose with a crocodile which was hung from a noose.

On Instagram, Madonna re-posted the photo of the brothers with a leopard. She wrote: “How big of a pussy do you have to be to kill this noble animal for sport? Just ask Donald Trump Jr and his brother Eric. One more reason to vote for Hillary!”

Donald Jr, now 39, and 32-year-old Eric were born from Trump’s 15-year-marriage to former model Ivana, which ended in 1992. The brothers are both vice-presidents of The Trump Organisation, where Eric is responsible for overseeing the chain’s 18 golf courses. Donald Jr was a regular guest when his father was the presenter of the US version of The Apprentice.

Since the tour for her ‘Rebel Heart’ album finished in March, Madonna surprised fans by appearing at a screening of her documentary ‘Truth Or Dare’ in New York last month. She has regularly backed the Democrats, but her Instagram post was her first public backing for Hillary Clinton.

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