Man caught with 1,000 fake drugs at Bonnaroo festival says he was ‘doing God’s work’

The Tennessee festival will play host to U2, The Weeknd and more

A man caught with over 1,000 fake drugs on him on the first day of Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival has claimed he was “doing God’s work”.

The festival, which takes place in Manchester, Tennessee, kicked off yesterday (June 8). U2, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Weeknd and Chance The Rapper will headline this year’s event.

David E. Brady, a 45-year-old from Albany, NY, was caught by authorities after they saw him with what they believed to be narcotics. When he was approached, Brady threw the items behind him, said the sheriff’s spokesperson Lucky Knott.

As The Tennessean reports, Brady also had a bag of mushrooms hanging from his waistband. He was searched, upon which authorities found 37 pills made to look like MDMA, 22 bags of fake mushrooms, approximately 1,000 tabs of fake acid, 20 bags made to look like cocaine and an incense stick that had been altered to look like black tar heroin.


According to the arrest warrant, Brady told deputies he was “doing God’s work by selling fake drugs”. He was charged with two counts of possession of counterfeit controlled substances.

Brady was also wanted in Franklin County, Arkansas, on a felony bench warrant. The state of Arkansas plans to extradite him, while he has also been charged with being a fugitive from justice.

Brady was jailed in Coffee County, TN, on a $120,000 (£94,364) bond. He will appear in court on August 11.