Mark E Smith turned down chance to appear on 'I'm A Celebrity...'

Singer also confirmed The Fall will release a new album in 2011

Mark E Smith. Like Alex Turner after 30 years of hard liquor and slapdash dentistry, Mark E Smith is the perma-slurring king of give-a-fuck cool, berating Fall audiences for England since inventing indie in the 70s. Rate him now at NME.COM/Ultimate.
Mark E Smith has said that he turned down the chance to appear on I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!.

Speaking to Thequietus.com, The Fall frontman said he'd been offered the chance to appear on the ITV1 reality show back in 2004, when John Lydon walked off.

Smith said: "I was asked [to appear in the show] years ago when Johnny Lydon was on it. I was doing this daft pilot show… and halfway through filming the bloke from the jungle comes in and says, 'Johnny Lydon's just left the jungle, do you want to replace him?', but I said no."

Last month Smith said that The Fall would release a new album in 2011, saying that some of the new material sounded like "Greek heavy metal".

The Fall released their 28th album, 'Your Future Our Clutter', earlier this year.

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