And that's not all - it's revealed Mos Def and Tom Waits will be on the follow up...

Massive Attack have called their new album '100TH WINDOW' and will release it in February next year.

The long-awaited follow-up to 1998's 'Mezzanine' will be released on February 10, with a single, 'Special Cases', to be released later that month.
www.massiveattack.com. And he also revealed that he is to work with Mos Def and [/a] on the next LP, which he has already recorded a song for.

The full tracklisting for '100th Window' is:

'Future Proof'
'What Your Soul Sings'
'Special Cases'
'Butterfly Caught'
'A Prayer For England'
'Small Time Shot Away'
'Name Taken'

The album ends with an untitled 13-minute long bassline which 3-D says is "to do dinner to/sleep at the wheel/or fuck your brains out to - it neatly takes the CD up to its' 74-minute limit".

As previously revealed on NME.COM, a host of guest vocalists, including Damon Albarn, Sinead O' Connor and Horace Andy appear on the record. There are also rumours of Blur and [a] playing shows together next year, although nothing is confirmed.

This year, Albarn and 3-D have been working with CND in a campaign to prevent US-led attacks on Iraq.

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