'Oliver!' star Mark Lester claims he's real father of Michael Jackson's daughter

Lester was a close friend of the singer's

Michael Jackson has announced that he will play ten gigs at the London O2 Arena in July – and hinted he would retire from performing. The ten shows, which boast the tagline "This Is It", will commence on July 8, with tickets going on sale on March 13 at 7am (GMT). Pic: PA Photos
A former child actor who starred in the lead role in 1968 film version of the 'Oliver!' musical, has claimed that he is the father of Michael Jackson's daughter Paris.

Mark Lester claimed that he donated sperm to help the late singer have a child, and has outlined his desire for a paternity test to see if he is indeed 11 year-old Paris' dad.

The former actor, now an osteopath and godfather to Jackson's children, said he was making his belief public because communication between his family and the children had been severed.

Jackson's mother Katherine has custody of the singer's three children.

"I'm the godparent to them and Michael was godparent to all my four kids," he told the News Of The World. "Our two families spent a lot of time together, and had a lot fun together. Now I'm not able to have any communication with the children. My repeated phone calls aren't returned and emails go unanswered.

"This isn't what Michael would have wanted. I feel I have to come forward, as my only way of saying, 'Please don't shut me out!'"

Lester said that he made the offer in 1996 because Jackson was petrified of having sex himself, so feared he couldn't naturally father a child.

"Michael wasn't gay," he said, "but I'd say he was asexual. I think he'd already tried using his own sperm but it hadn't worked for him, so I made an off-the-cuff comment saying, 'Try mine!'"

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