Relive those memories with special [b]Glasto[/b] e-cards, interviews, see your name on [b]nme.com[/b] and, of course, [b]Glastonbury: Hit Or Shit?[/b]

So Glastonbury's finished now - but not quite - as part of nme.com's continuous weekend coverage we're adding a bunch of new Glastonbury 99 features for those of you who are back but not quite ready to give up that 'vibe'. Man.

Try now:

Special e-cards of the highlights from the weekend including REM, Mogwai, Courtney Love and Keanu Reeves Click here

Peter Buck, Orbital, Travis, Mogwai and Tiny from Ultrasound divulging the songs that make their Glastonbury click here

Hit Or Shit - where we subjectively revel in what brought out the sunshine and cry about what brought on the rain for nme.com's Glastonbury click here

Getting you name and views on nme.com - we'll be putting the very best of your reviews and comments about the festival in a special section of the nme.com Glastonbury 99 site. If you've got something to say click here[/url]

The weekend's Glastonbury Despatches compiled - sun-frazzled reviews and comment from the front row click here

Plusin the next few days there'll be the nme.com Glastonbury photo gallery, Glastonbury interviews in RealVideo and more

The nme.com Glastonbury 99 message board is still going - for chat, argument, comment, meet-ups and abuse click here

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