Morrissey: 'If Prince Harry ate 34 poor people in Haiti UK press would still call him a hero'

The outspoken musician said the Royal Family is "all human greed and arrogance"

Andrew Hughes

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?Morrissey has spoken once again about his dislike of the Royal Family.

In a new interview, the musician clarified why he is less than fond of Prince Harry in particular, citing his military record to justify his views.

"Harry killed 34 people in Afghanistan and the UK press called him a hero," he told News.com.au. "If he ate 34 poor people in Haiti the UK press would still call him a hero. It is insufferable."

Morrissey also said that he doesn't know anyone who likes "the Boil Family" and described the idea of monarchy as representing "an unequal and inequitable social system."

He continued: "There is no such thing as a royal person. You either buy into the silliness or else you are intelligent enough to realise that it is all human greed and arrogance."

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