The world of music reacts to the exit poll results

Twitter was ablaze with hot takes minutes after the result came through.

With polls closed for the General Election, the exit poll results were announced causing a huge upset and historical result for the UK.

The joint poll from BBC, ITV and Sky predicts a hung parliament result with the Conservatives remaining as the largest party but without the overall majority they currently have. 314 seats are projected for the Conservatives, 266 for Labour, 34 for SNP, 14 for Lib Dem, 3 for Plain, 1 for Green, 0 for UKIP and 18 for the other parties.

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The world of entertainment, music and culture all took to Twitter to express their nerves, their excitement and jubilation for a hung parliament.

Check out reactions from the likes of Lily Allen, Rou Reynolds, Goldie, Peace, Bombay Bicycle Club and more below.

Others seemed to see the hung parliament as a massive opportunity. As Charlie Brooker notes, this warrants a lot of further discussion beyond tonight’s result and, if anything, is a clear indicator that the people are desperate for change.

Meanwhile, an NME-led exit poll of young voters shows a remarkable increase in voter turnout among young people aged 18-24. NME obtained figures from The Stream that surveyed 1,354 young people aged between 18-34.

The poll shows that 56% of 18-34s voted in today’s election, with 53% of those aged between 18 and 24 turning out, +12% points on the audience’s turnout of 41% in 2015.  60% of 18–34s said they voted Labour, with two-thirds of those aged 18–24 voting for Jeremy Corbyn’s party.

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