2manydjs to launch Radio Soulwax online

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Dewaele brothers to release new compilation loops

2manydjs and Soulwax duo Stephen and David Dewaele are launching a new free music site named after their ‘Radio Soulwax’ compilations.

The pair said that the site, when launched, would feature new compilations of mixes that would be rotated and updated regularly.

“We’re making 24 compilations that will rotate,” David Dewaele told BBC 6 Music. “Each hour is themed in a way and they are going to rotate in such a way that you would never hear the same thing twice. It’ll have all the visuals as well and be regularly updated.”

He added that part of the reason for the launch was to release mixes without having to clear samples, as had to be done for previous ‘Radio Soulwax’ compilations.

“To have 200 tracks in an hour, to clear them, it’s impossible,” he said. “So by doing it with a radio license we bypass that problem and it’s free for everyone.”

Dewaele said that although the duo had been working on new band material as Soulwax, they may not release a conventional album.

“Something will surface,” he said, “but I’m not sure if that’s going to be a CD.”