Luis Morales pleaded no contest to cocaine possession a matter of weeks before the crash...

The pilot manning the plane that crashed killing Aaliyah had traces of alcohol and cocaine in his system, according to reports.

According to American press reports, the details of an autopsy on Luis Morales were published by the Bahamas Department of Civil Aviation yesterday (July 16).

MTV news claim the findings reveal evidence of cocaine in his urine and alcohol in his stomach. It remains unclear how this would have affected his ability to fly.

As previously reported, Morales pleaded no contest to cocaine possession in a Miami court on August 13, a matter of weeks before the crash that killed the R&B star and members of her entourage.

He received a three-year suspended sentence and was ordered by the court to undergo regular drug testing as part of the probation. As a result of the plea, Morales’ pilot licence should have been revoked under Federal Aviation Administration rules.

In the aftermath of the tragedy that happened in the Bahamas on August 25, there were also claims the aircraft was overloaded. The exact cause of the crash is currently unconfirmed.