Adele: ‘I’ll release a new song this year’

Songstress says she'll have something out in 2012 – but it won't be the follow-up to '21'

Adele has promised that she will release a new song this year.

The chart-dominating songstress has said that she will put out a new track by the end of 2012, but reiterated previous claims that the follow-up to her monster album ’21’ will not be released for at least another two years.

Speaking to French radio station NRJ, she said:

There will be a new song, probably coming out at the end of the year. But then it depends how quickly I write some other new songs.

When asked about a new LP, meanwhile, she answered: “It won’t be for a good two years” – and, responding to demands that she proffers the record quicker, fired back: “Yeah, but I have to write it! It takes a while.”

Even if Adele’s new album is not released until 2014, the popularity of ’21’ shows no signs of abating – last month (March 23), it overtook Dire Straits’ ‘Brothers In Arms’ to become the sixth biggest selling album of all time in the UK. has now sold 4.15 millions copies in the UK, meaning the equivalent of one in six of the country’s households now own a copy the album.