Adele banned from talking and singing by doctors

Singer's been told to zip it to avoid damaging her voice, apparently

Adele has been ordered to stop talking or singing for a month to avoid causing serious damage to her voice.

The Tottenham chart-topper has been suffering from acute laryngitis, which led to her cancelling a string of US tour dates earlier this month.

According to the News Of The World, the singer has now been warned that she will develop nodules on her vocal cords if she does not give her voice absolute rest.

Doctors have said her smoking habit – which she recently tried and failed to kick – is making the illness worse.

The newspaper’s resident medical columnist Dr Hilary Jones, who is not known to have treated the singer, commented: “Adele‘s career could be threatened if this happens. There’s no point resting for just a couple of weeks because the inflammation may come back.”

Earlier this month, it was reported that the songstress had been booked in for singing lessons in an effort to avoid future vocal problems.

Her vocal coach Ron Anderson‘s other clients have included the likes of Alicia Keys, Joss Stone and Red Hot Chili Peppers man Anthony Keidis.