Courtney Love slams ‘untrue’ Winehouse drug comments

Hole singer denies talking about soul star's plight

Courtney Love contacted NME.COM today (September 2) to rubbish comments she reportedly made regarding Amy Winehouse.

As previously reported, US news services claimed this week that Love had expressed shock at the singer’s substance abuse after apparently witnessing it first-hand.

However, speaking to NME.COM, Love set the record straight and branded the comments “ill-informed nonsense”.

Love wrote: “I said no such thing. I care deeply about her talent, I love this record tons, but I wouldn’t comment even if I did have any knowledge. She hasn’t hurt anyone I care for and she hasn’t hurt me. My deepest apologies to anyone who believes this nonsense, that I would judge or fingerpoint unless I felt that (many) people’s lives were on the line.

“I keep my own counsel about sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll and I do not judge others unless I know they are a danger to other people beloved in my own life. If that’s the case then they’d better watch out. Otherwise my philosophy is super simple: live and let live.

“Sorry, this is all just not true. My apologies to Ms Winehouse for this ill-informed nonsense. It’s not something I would say or do. Especially about someone, again, who I barely know and have unlimited admiration for.”