Watch Aphex Twin’s first-ever live stream with exclusive online visuals

His set at Field Day in London will be broadcast live.

Aphex Twin‘s first-ever live stream is set to feature exclusive online visuals.

The electronic musician will headline London’s Field Day later tonight (June 3) as his exclusive UK festival appearance. The live broadcast will be going out on on the NTS Radio site at 8:55 pm local time.

Partnering with London-based video designer Weirdcore to make a “bespoke online visual immersion,” the festival have also built a unique indoor stage just for James. You can see a recent teaser of the visuals below.

Aphex Twin first teased the project last month (May 22), uploading a video which distorted a vocal sample of Rhythm Controll’s 1987 Chicago house classic ‘My House’. The teaser featured the NTS logo, the word “soon” and links to a password-protected website.

The electronic musician last released a full-length album in 2014 with ‘Syro’ while an EP, ‘Cheetah’, arrived in July 2016. He also shared new track ‘4xAtlantis take1’ in April.

Meanwhile, Moby has recalled a time Aphex Twin called him “a buffoon”, saying that it’s “hard to like” his music ever since.

Opening up about the time Aphex Twin called him “just a buffoon” in the early ‘90s, Moby said that although he was a fan of Aphex Twin’s music, it was “hard to continue to like it” knowing he holds him in contempt.

Moby was speaking on Thump’s Rave Curious podcast, when he recalls a 1993 tour with Aphex Twin, Orbital and Vapourspace. He says James told a journalist at the time that he “couldn’t understand” why Moby was booked for the same tour, reportedly dismissing the US artist as “just a buffoon.”

Moby then tells podcast presenter Joshua Glazer that he thought it “was a shame” because he had liked Aphex Twin’s records at the beginning, but that it has been “hard to continue to like someone’s music when you know they hold you in contempt.”