Arcade Fire fans complain about Hyde Park sound quality

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Crowd express frustrations with London site's noise restrictions

Arcade Fire played their biggest UK show ever at Hyde Park last night (June 30), and fans have been giving their reactions to the set online.

Many complained about the sound being quiet during the gig due to noise restrictions at the site on This was a criticism singer Win Butler reinforced throughout the band’s performance.

Arcade Fire themselves were great, but the sound set up was poor,” wrote Paul Todd. “We weren’t far back (in front of the desk, in fact) and I often had trouble hearing the songs well over the crowd around me.”

David McLagan was more scathing in his comments. “Sound WAS TERRIBLE,” he said. “Not a huge fan of Mumford and Sons but at least the guy on their desk knew what he was doing. Arcade Fire sounded as though we were listening on a bad radio!”

Others thought the sound improved as the show went on. “First half was about 7/10, second half was a definite 10/10 if a little quiet,” wrote Joe Pape. “‘Month Of May’ onwards was sublime.”

A few fans hailed the performance and said they were genuinely blown away. “[They were] in a league of their own, beautiful music, emotive lyrics, genuinely loving what they do and just killing it on stage,” said Lorena Fuentes. “I found myself being blown away and getting higher with each song.”

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