Arctic Monkeys: ‘We don’t know how long this band will last’

Band say they've no real plans for the future

Arctic Monkeys have said they’ve no idea how long the band will last or how many albums they hope to make.

Speaking to Spin, the band said they can’t imagine they’ll still be performing when they’re in their 60s, but that they don’t have an end date in mind.

Asked if the band had any long-term ambitions, bassist Nick O’Malley replied: “We really have got no plan at all about how many records or how long we’ll go.”

Singer Alex Turner also said his outfit didn’t take inspiration from any bands who’ve survived multiple decades.

Responding to a question as to whether he was inspired by any long serving acts, he said: “Not really anyone. Because they all end up hating each other, don’t they? I can’t imagine being in my 60s playing. I’ll try to keep the boots on as long as I can. I’m saying that now. Who knows how I’ll feel.”

The band revealed they seldom argue, with O’Malley adding: “We’re a well-adjusted band, really. There haven’t been any major quarrels – there haven’t been any minor quarrels.”

Guitarist Jamie Cook said they couldn’t understand why bands who didn’t get on still made music together. He said: “For some bands, it seems like such a chore for them to get together and make a record. I always think, ‘Why do they carry on?’ ”

Tickets for the Arctic Monkeys‘s UK arena tour went on sale today (June 17).