Arctic Monkeys festival comeback interrupted by technical hitch

Alex Turner and co forced to leave the stage at Polish festival

Arctic Monkeys were forced to leave the stage midway through their first festival show of the European summer last night (July 2) as they played the Open’er festival in Gdynia, Poland.

Halfway through their set, as the band were playing ‘Flourescent Adolescent’, the sound from the main stage speakers cut out. The band’s monitors were seemingly still working, as they continued to play, oblivious to the problem.

After a short period of confusion an announcer addressed the crowd to say there would be a short break as technical problems were sorted. He then led a chant of “Arctic Monkeys!”.

After ten minutes, the band finally returned to play ‘If You Were There, Beware’ and finish their set.

“I’m ever so sorry about that everybody,” said frontman Alex Turner. “We didn’t realise.”

A spokesperson for the festival later told NME.COM that the sound failure was due to an issue with Arctic Monkeys‘ sound desk.

The Sheffield band played four new songs set for their soon-to-be reelased third album ‘Humbug’ – forthcoming single ‘Crying Lightning’, set opener ‘Pretty Visitors’, ‘Potion Approaching’ and ‘Secret Door’.

The band, who are set to headline the Reading And Leeds Festivals in August, ended their set with 2007 album ‘Favourite Worst Nightmare’ closer ‘505’, leaving the stage to the sound of huge screams from the crowd not put off by the earlier hitch.

Arctic Monkeys played:

‘Pretty Visitors’
‘This House Is A Circus’
‘The View From The Afternoon’
‘Still Take You Home”
’Da Frame 2R’
‘Crying Lightning’
‘Flourescent Adolescent’
‘If You Were There, Beware’
‘When The Sun Goes Down’
‘From The Ritz To Rubble’
‘I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor’
‘Potion Approaching’
‘Leave Before The Lights Come On’
‘Only Ones Who Know’
‘Do Me A Favour’
‘Secret Door’

Watch rough fan footage of the show by clicking below.