Kat Bjelland's Katastrophy Wife are among the acts appearing...

Former BABES IN TOYLAND singer KAT BJELLAND’s new band KATASTROPHY WIFE are among the highlights of the first UK leg of the US LADYFEST festival.

The three-day event, which focuses on women in the arts, is centred on Glasgow’s 13th Note Cafe and Club between August 12 and 14, and encompasses music, spoken word, performance art, workshops and music.

Katastrophy Wife will be joined by Bis, Life Without Buildings and Angelica among others. Unsigned bands will also be featured each day.

The inaugural Ladyfest was held in Olympia, Washington last year, and the Glasgow event will be mirrored by others in Indiana, Chicago and New York.

The schedule is:

August 12

Katastrophy Wife



Unsigned: Akira, Pico, Hello Cuca, Cria Cuervos, Lady! Die

August 13



Sarah Dougher

Life Without Buildings

Unsigned: Lack Of Reason, Pro Forma, Blue Minkies, Flamingo 50, Goofball

August 14



Carol Laula

The Gossip

Unsigned: Fran Schoppler, The Lollies, 5 Days Late, Kirby, Gertrude