Pete Doherty – ‘I’ve finished my acoustic album’

As Babyshambles start second record, their singer finishes solo effort

Pete Doherty has told NME.COM that he has completed a solo record that he wants to release this year.

As previously reported, the ex-Libertine is about to hit the studio with his band Babyshambles and producer Stephen Street, but explained that he has a solo record already finished.

Speaking to us about tracks he is considering for his band’s album, Doherty explained: “I’ve got a song called ‘Salome’ which I haven’t done with the band yet. I’m kind of saving it for the acoustic album, you know what I mean? You can’t leave it lying around for too long.”

When pressed, the Babyshambles frontman said he was ready to go with the band’s new record, the follow-up to 2005’s ‘Down In Albion’.

“Well to be honest, I think it’s pretty much done,” he declared. “It’s just now trying to convince the record company that everything doesn’t need to be highly polished.”

Regarding the acoustic record’s future, a source at Doherty’s label Parlophone explained to NME.COM that Babyshambles‘ second album would take priority.

“We’re really keen to release Pete’s acoustic record at some point in the future,” they said, “but not until after the next Babyshambles album, that will come out first.”