Beatbullyz to play Club NME KOKO on Friday (August 6)

Band to play DJ Mikey Four's leaving party

Beatbullyz are set to play live at Club NME KOKO in London on Friday (August 6) for resident DJ Mikey Four’s leaving party.

The band will join Club NME DJ Jeff Automatic on the bill for a night of new music which will see Mikey Four playing his last set for the club night.

The DJ explained: “Club NME at KOKO has been, without a doubt, one of the greatest nights and greatest opportunities I’ve had the pleasure to be involved with. It’s no exaggeration to say that the crowd are one of the most clued up, fun and party hard you’re ever likely to find. Maybe it’s something to do with that massive disco ball!”

Beatbullyz producer Bully told NME.COM: “Last time we played Club NME at KOKO we played a new song ‘Bounce’ for the first time and it went off. ‘Bounce’ is released as a single this week, so it’s only right that we come back to Club NME and get everyone bouncing again.”

Next week (August 13) Bang Bang Eche and Polka Party will take to the stage at the London club night in Camden’s KOKO.

Meanwhile, Joana And The Wolf and Secret Circuits are lined up to play on August 20.

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