Biffy Clyro on beating Les Miserables to Number One: ‘It’s the most depressing chart battle ever!’

Band's new album 'Opposites' beat Les Miserables soundtrack to Number One yesterday (February 3)

Biffy Clyro scored their first ever number one album yesterday (February 3), but frontman Simon Neil has also paid tribute to the cast behind the Les Miserables soundtrack, which they dislodged from the top spot.

As new that ‘Opposites’ had topped the album chart broke yesterday, the band tweeted: “Thank you so much everybody!! It means more than you’ll ever know! Lots of love to all in the biffy family!”

As they awaited the news last week Simon Neil told NME: “It’s a weird concept even thinking about a midweek, but it’s exciting, I mean Biffy are sitting at Number One at the moment which is hilarious.”

He added that the situation has been made all the more fantastical by their unlikely opponents: “I didn’t expect it to be up against the first soundtrack on the charts in 17 years or something. I have to say the movie is fantastic, it’s certainly not the chart battle we imagined. Beatles v Stones! Blur vs Oasis! Biffy v Les Mis! It’s a funny one, but I’m a huge fan of that soundtrack so I don’t begrudge them their position.”

At the suggestion that this could be the most emotive chart battle of all time, Neil agreed: “That’s definitely true. The most depressing chart battle ever! No-one’s a winner in this one!”

Neil was full of praise for Tom Hooper’s movie adaptation, however he did have a reservation about the time he saw it. “It’s beautiful, but the trouble is so many middle ages women are going to see it. My wife’s seen it twice now, but when we went to see it, it seems middle-aged women seem to have slightly weaker bladders. Because half an hour in Anne Hathaway’s amazing, amazing performance singing ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ for three minutes, and all these women are going for a piss! I just wanted to sit them down and say ‘Look this is an iconic book, story, musical and movie, and this is her fucking moment, please sit down!’ But they didn’t, so that ruined that moment for me a bit.”

In fact, the rocker had only one criticism. “I just thought it was fantastic,” he said, “apart from Russell Crowe who’s like a bellowing fucking windpipe. He’s the one with the history of singing! And it sounds like he’s forgotten how to sing and he’s trying to re-learn it. It’s weird.”

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