Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi ‘feeling great’ after stem-cell treatment on hand

Guitarist still wary of overusing his right hand, though

Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi has said his recovery after stem-cell treatment on his hand is going well.

The guitarist – who is already missing two fingertips on his right hand after an accident as a teenager – undertook the treatment earlier this year after he admitted he was suffering from problems with joints.

Speaking at the Classic Rock Awards in London yesterday (November 2), Iommi said he is pleased with the recovery process so far.

“I’ve already had the stem-cell treatment, so I’ve just got to wait now. It’s been six weeks but it’s feeling great,” he told BBC News.

Iommi had his arm in a sling for the awards, but admitted it was only as a precautionary measure. “I’m just wearing this now because if people shake your hand I don’t want to push it, I want to take it easy for a bit.”

He also confirmed that he can still play guitar, even during the recovery process.