Fans slam ‘bloody awful’ new Blink-182 single ‘Up All Night’

NME.COM users aren't keen on trio's comeback tune

Fans have slammed Blink-182‘s comeback single ‘Up All Night’.

The California pop punk trio posted the track, which is the first to be revealed from their as yet untitled sixth studio album, earlier today and fans have been giving their opinions in droves, with reaction generally pretty negative.

NME.COM user Dan Cooper was particularly disappointed, he wrote: “Life long Blink fan, they are my childhood. This song is a disgrace.” Matt Holliday was equally not happy, he simply wrote: “Bloody awful.”

Skip Davies meanwhile was a little more complimentary, but still had mixed feelings, he wrote: “It’s not terrible in any way, but it’s not very good either. Given what these guys churned out back in their heyday, if this really is the best new song, then it’s a shame, simply because it’s so very middle of the road. It isn’t awful though.”

Nora Anne liked it though, she wrote: “I like the song quite a lot; especially the chorus. Can’t wait to see them next month!”

Bobby Webber felt the same, he wrote: “I read a lot of comments on my phone before I listened to it and I am completely surprised at all the negative feedback, this song’s awesome. I don’t know why everyone thinks its bad, the song’s really good.”

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