Blur’s Dave Rowntree: ‘I won’t quit the band’

'Foremost, I'm a musician' says Rowntree

Blur‘s Dave Rowntree has moved to quash rumours that he might be set to quit gigging following Blur‘s summer live dates.

Recently an article in the Independent newspaper suggested that Rowntree might step away from live work to concentrate on his legal career once the shows are over – but the drummer has released a statement reaffirming his commitment to the band.

In the statement he wrote that he would “obviously” fit his legal and political career around any plans Blur might undertake.

“I want to set the record straight following the bizarre and inaccurate piece in The Independent,” he wrote on “As anyone who follows the band will know, we all have interests outside Blur.

“I am currently at law school, about to sit the exams for the first part of my training as a solicitor. I am fitting my studies around our preparation for the shows in the summer.

“I have one more year of academic training to complete, but if we decide to do more as Blur, I will obviously continue to fit my studies around the band and not the other way round. Whatever else I do, first and foremost I am a musician.”