Ice T: ‘Radio hip-hop sucks’

The artist's metal band Body Count recently released their fifth album

Ice-T has said that commerical hip-hop “sucks”.

Speaking to NME in an issue on newsstands from today (July 16) or available digitally now, Ice T also said that he currently isn’t working on any hip-hop material following the recent release of his metal band Body Count‘s fifth album ‘Manslaughter’, which came out in June.

SCommenting on the current state of rap, he said: “Hip-hop’s gone in a different direction – it’s club music, no content, just ‘I got money, cars, girls’. Underground hip-hop’s still prolific, but the stuff on the radio sucks.”

‘Manslaugter’ features a new version of the Ice T’s 1993 single ’99 Problems’, which was later sampled by Jay-Z on his 2004 single of the same name. When asked by NME if he was worried that people would think that he was covering Jay Z, Ice T commented, saying it was a ‘booby trap’. He said: “When we were recording, the band would play the licks to Jay Z’s ’99 Problems’ and I’d sing the real lyrics over the top. Some people would say, ‘That’s Jay Z’s song’, and I’d be like, ‘Dumb fuck, that’s my shit.’ I wrote it 11 years before him! It’s a booby trap we put on the album.”

‘Manslaughter’ is out now, and is Body Count’s first LP since 2006’s ‘Murder 4 Hire’. The first, self-titled Body Count album was released in 1992. Ice T started his career as a rapper in the 1980s.