Bombay Bicycle Club ‘surprised’ by acoustic album’s success – video

Band say they never envisaged 'Flaws' being so successful

Bombay Bicycle Club admit they’re surprised at how successful their recent acoustic album ‘Flaws’ has been.

The band, speaking in a video interview with NME, which you can watch on the right, said that the initial idea was to simply release a low-key album on the cheap. The album went Top Ten in the UK charts earlier this summer.

“It was never meant to be a big deal, [it was meant to be] a self-centred thing to release it for our own pleasure,” frontman Jack Steadman said.

He added: “A lot of the time I was just recording it for fun and didn’t think it [bedroom music sessions] would go on any albums. I think the record label humoured us and thought it was kind of funny that we wanted to release it. I think we’re all surprised by how well it’s done.”

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