Braids unveil ‘Miniskirt’ video – watch

Track appears on band's third album 'Deep In The Iris',

Braids have unveiled a new video for their track ‘Miniskirt’. Click above to watch.

Directed by Kevan Funk, the clip features frontwoman Raphaelle Standell-Preston singing in a variety of settings, including a greenhouse and a dark, domestic backdrop while covered in silver paint.

Speaking about the video in a statement, Funk revealed that the band came to him with very precise visual ideas: “I remember the first time I heard the song, I was simply kind of awestruck by the gravitational power that it seemed to [be] imbued with and its bold, incendiary beauty,” he said. “It’s a rare sort of source material to get the opportunity to work with. I wanted to create something that could compliment the track as opposed to trying to compete with its power.

“When thinking about the song and its content, I began very interested in the idea of commodification and control of femininity in a patriarchal societal construct, and liberation from that restraint. A central consideration that emerged from that was a historical relationship to nature, in terms of the patriarchal and imperial societal impulse to control, conform and dominate. That dynamic and the song’s authorial resistance to that entitlement is what ultimately formed the thematic core of the video.”

The song appears on the three-piece experimental pop group’s third album ‘Deep In The Iris’, which was released in April.